May 30, 2008

Better'n Clairol: Less Mess, More Fun

Dr: So, have we talked about you getting a bone density scan?

Me: Um, no

Dr: Well I think it's a good idea, we should set it up

Me: Um, ok

Dr: Because with all those premature grays, that can be a sign of osteoporosis.

Yikes! Not about the bone scan, but my gray hairs are that noticeable??? Shoot. I had tried hair dye and ended up with a severe allergic reaction, not to mention purple spots all over my bathroom walls from a sloppy home-dye procedure. So that's out. What to do?

Well about the same time I had started practicing yoga regularly, eating better and in general getting more healthy. One day my boyfriend looked at me and said, "You know what? You don't have as many gray hairs anymore." REALLY? I ran to a mirror and after a good hard look determined he might be right. Was it the brown rice? The organic produce? Whatever. I was psyched.

Some months later I started running across blog posts and such talking about reversing the signs of aging. But instead of talking about diet, they were talking about yoga. In particular, about headstands. The type of yoga I had been practicing (Ashtanga) almost always includes headstands at the end of class. But recently I have been exploring other styles. And call me crazy but...the grays are back.

So is there something to this? Headstands can counteract graying hair? I'm finding tons of links to share and you better believe I'm back to practicing my Salamba Sirasana every day.


lifeinrecipes said...

Well, that theory is interesting enough. It hasn't worked for me so I maintain a zealous relationship with my colorist who just made a friend and I the most amazing vegan lunch last week. It was almost worthwhile having the gray for that delicious perk.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Did you also happen to switch yoga styles/stop doing headstands when you went raw? Maybe your body is adjusting to having to work a bit harder to extract calcium...

I've been told that headstand helps with premature hair loss. You are in a way giving yourself a scalp massage while in headstand, so it stimulates the roots....

Michelle said...

The yoga style and eating raw change didn't happen at the same time. More like 8 months apart. I like the theory though!