June 03, 2008

Lazy Summer, Full Fridge

Between Boston Organics deliveries and overly zealous trips to Whole Foods, I've got produce coming out my, well, produce drawers. And for every ambitious recipe I dig up, there's a warm evening of "awww, screw making dinner."

So I propose a recipe-less summer. *gasp*

Here's how I do. Every day I've got at least 1 bean or grain type sprouting or already sprouted and ready to eat. At the beginning of the week I wash and chop veggies and make a big undressed salad in a big bowl in the fridge. And every other night or so, I throw some stuff in the magic bullet blender and create a fresh salad dressing. Combine those three things and I have a fast, healthy, tasty raw dinner (and 1 grumpy fiancé who has to fend for himself because he's not interested in this recipe-less summer)

Tonight I combined lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cauliflower, green pepper, adzuki sprouts, and radishes because I read that they help clear up mucus and I've had a bad head cold. For the dressing:

Fresh Dill Dressing
This doesn't count as a recipe. Blend oil, vinegar, S+P, small handful of fresh dill and fresh parsley. Everything to taste.


laura said...

"And for every ambitious recipe I dig up, there's a warm evening of 'awww, screw making dinner.'"

Love that. I like the idea of a recipe-less summer combined with eating summer's bounty--my affinity for baking won't let me go recipe-free, but I can definitely incorporate that way of thinking into my daily kitchen routine.

Robin Plan said...

This is my kind of post. I can and do live off fresh veggies during the summer. My husband is not like that but it's ok because if he wants to eat he cooks, win-win for us both!

Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your blog and will visit often.

pinkrobot said...

Hey there,
Which kind of vinegar did you use for this?

Michelle said...

Braggs Raw Apple Cider vinegar :-)

Amy Flanagan said...

Do you put lettuce in the salad at the beginning of the week? Don't your veggies get all yucky by week's end? What kind of dwelling does your salad live in all week? A covered bowl? I love the plan!

ps. site meter doesn't do uniquq visitors for me. does it for you? i read up on their site and they said, no way. hmm. is there a special sitemeter for me?

Michelle said...

i was really surprised that my lettuce holds up for as long as it has been. i just use a big tupperware bowl with lid. I feel like the head of lettuce lasts a week, why not the lettuce pieces? who knows. Maybe not a WEEK week, maybe 4 days? Anyway, without dressing it lasts way longer than trying to keep leftover salad with dressing on it.

Or maybe my new refrigerator is just magic.

zandria said...

Yum-yum! I love salads like that! It makes me want to stop eating cereal for dinner all the time.... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm recipe-less most of the time (even my baking, ack). My big problem is chopping and cleaning. :) You seem to have worked around the chopping issue...

amandalouden said...

Hi there, letuce-less (is that a real word?) salads last a long time. they are great to make and then eat for lunch throughout the week. Today I made one with arugula, quinoa, basil, tomato, super yum. It will be better tomorrow.

Even though you are recipe free- you have a plan and that is what most important.