January 16, 2008

Meet Your Unprocessed Friend #2: Amaranth

I'm always slightly alarmed at how amaranth static clings to the plastic scoop at Whole Foods. If you accidentally spill some in the aisle, don't worry. You'll enjoy watching everyone slip and slide over the tiny round grains underfoot. Oh, fun to be had!

It looks like a grain and quacks like a grain, but it's actually a seed (related to quinoa, which I'll write about soon.) You cook it by boiling in a 1:2 ratio to water. Super easy. It becomes sort of a sticky consistency that I love mixed with oats and fruit or any morning porridge-y stuff. Haven't tried yet, but the way this stuff sticks together it might make a nice crust. You can also just toast it and use as a garnish.

Like any whole grain the bulk aisle – it is ridiculously cheap. So go crazy.

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