October 26, 2007

There are crazy potions all over this house!

That was the cry of my boyfriend, Max, last night when he accidentally took a sip of what he thought was water. It was actually a Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail. Whatever, right?

But it does bear mentioning WHY I've become so interested in feeding my body well. There's a number of reasons that came together recently, starting with the crazy digestive issues I was having. We don't need to go there, but if anyone would like further explanation of what I mean by 'digestive issues', please email! One day I was talking to my Poppee about my grandmother, who died of pancreatic cancer. He said, "Michelle Anne, cheese never did anyone any good. Your grandmother always had trouble with that. Milk too."

You don't live 80+ years on this earth without learning a thing or two. For the next 2 weeks I cut all dairy out of my diet. I never thought that would be possible. Could I really be – gasp! – lactose intolerant??

It made an amazing difference. From what I've been reading my Poppee is right–dairy never does anyone any good, even if you aren't lactose intolerent. There are a number of reasons, but my favorite is the idea that human are unique in that we make a regular habit of drinking the milk of another species. Mother's milk is full of hormones and enzymes that are particular to the survival of its own kind. Why would human adults drink the milk of a cow? I can't think of a good reason.

As Max will let you know, this dairy revelation started me off on a new path of eating well. (I might also point out that a little cider vinegar in water is hardly a potion compared to the ingredients in grape soda!)

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Max said...

That stuff was nasty. Mostly because I thought it was water, though. It was liking biting into a scoop of vanilla ice cream and realizing it was mashed potatoes.