October 26, 2007

I don't have cable

I haven't, for years. I figure internet access is expensive enough, and do I really NEED to watch every rerun of America's Next Top Model? (Yes, I do, but oh well) What happens is, I end up watching a lot of QVC and PBS.

So one day, not long after giving up dairy, I started watching a cooking show on our local PBS station. This woman was WEIRD. She was massaging cabbage I think. But I love cooking shows so I kept watching. At one point she dissolved some gross looking brown gunk in a cup of water and added it to soup. She started talking about the digestive benefits of fermented foods. Turns out that cabbage salad was becoming more digestible and able to supply nutrients by being massaged for awhile. My disgust turned to true interest at that point, and I looked her up on the internet. Turns out this lady, Christina Pirello, was talking about macrobiotics.

Ever since, I've been trying to live and eat according to macrobiotic principles because they just seem like common sense. Well, actually at first they seem totally nuts but then after you think about it for awhile it's like common sense. My favorite macrobiotic author, Jessica Porter, offers these beginner steps.

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