October 25, 2007

Flaxseeds look like little bugs, which I hate

I used to live with a roommate who had no idea how to cook but was raised on really healthy foods. I'd watch her stumble around trying to cook rice while I expertly chopped sausage and shaped homemade ravioli--all while feeling vastly superior!

One thing that Sherrie always had was flaxseed. I'm not sure she ever ate it, or knew what to do with it, but it was just one more thing for me to giggle about. What the heck is flaxseed??

Alright, so fast forward a few years, past some pretty awful digestive trouble, and find me here with flaxseed in the pantry. It's a natural way clean yer colon! It gives ya fiber and that omega-3 stuff! So I was adding it to everything however I could for awhile. Then I found out that you have to GRIND it. Your body can't digest the full seed--but if you grind it in the food processor, then your body gets its full benefit.

Duh! Sometimes these things just aren't written on the package--how's anyone supposed to know?

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