May 18, 2008

Showering In Your Underpants

This is something that apparently can happen when you are so tired you simply forget you're still wearing your underpants until you get around to washing your bum. You think "hey, something doesn't feel right" and then you think "hmmm oh well" and then maybe you finally look down and get a good laugh at your sorry, tired self.

This was me yesterday evening. After a few 12 hour days working and taking classes at the Yoga Journal conference I was just exhausted. If you are into yoga, check out when the conference is coming to a city near you. And if you aren't into yoga, there is a beginner track to get you going.

One thing that has really stuck out to me is the range of people at the conference. You've got turban-wearing bearded men, aerobic instructor blondes, metrosexual city guys, desperate housewife types, etc., you name it. And since I'm working the registration desk I'm getting a lot of questions about the area, especially where to eat. And not ONE SINGLE person has asked about vegetarian or vegan options. Or any mention of meal preferences at all. I'm really, really surprised. Maybe I've just not run into the veg crowd yet. But I thought the place would be swarming with folks looking for tempeh. Instead I see lots of folks walking around with Dunkin Donuts coffees and eating foodcourt sandwiches. No judgments, I'm just surprised.

So to the imaginary people I was expecting to talk to, here are some places to grab a plant-based, whole food bite to eat in Boston's Back Bay:
Trident on Newbury St. often has vegan options. The Other Side Cafe on Newbury St. has vegetarian, vegan and even raw vegan meals. Tossed is a salad place in the Prudential and if you are careful about making your own salad, you can top it with olive oil and fresh lemon juice and choose from fresh veggies and nuts galore.

That's all. I gotta get me some sleep. 1 more day of the conference to go and clearly I need all the rest I can get.


Vered said...

Wow. Never happened to me before. But it's a great story. :)

Now go get some SLEEP!

Marisa L. B. said...

Haha. Thanks for the Boston suggestions. I love Boston. I also love fresh lemon juice and olive oil on a salad (had it tonight)!

Life in Recipes said...

Hilarious. I needed the laugh. Thanks.

zandria said...

I guess yoga really is going mainstream!

Too funny about the underwear thing. I must say I've never done THAT one before. :)