March 04, 2008

Even when it's bad, it's still good.

This pizza was actually good though, really good, and really vegan. I think the trick is to top it with the right stuff and create a taste and texture so interesting you won't miss the cheese.

1. Start with a healthy, whole-grain pizza dough. You can make a whole-wheat dough yourself or try Namaste brand pizza dough mix.

2. Make some kind of sauce. The sauce here was easy-as-pie organic canned tomatoes and chopped sauteed onions. Pesto would be delicious too.

3. Do something instead of cheese. We used homemade refried pinto beans and roasted butternut squash. Chopped nuts would be cool with cauliflower, or hummus and eggplant. Or just dump any kind of leftovers on top and I'm sure that will work too!


jenn said...

where do you buy namaste dough?

Michelle said...

I got it at Harvest Co-op in Central Square.

Jennifer Carden said...

I think Trader Joe's private labels Namaste Dough and the wheat free brownies too.