March 21, 2008

Cookies for Breakfast

I think my mom let me buy a box of this stuff once as a kid. Oh, heavenly cookies for breakfast! When Christmas rolled around I also got to eat cookies in the morning, since as my mom put it, she made them and there was nothing bad in them. I assume she meant preservatives and had a memory lapse about the sugar.

Cookies for breakfast still sounds like a great idea though, IF it wouldn't put me into a hypoglycemic fit within minutes. Enter Delicious Wisdom and her delicious idea for making whole grain cookies specifically and nutritionally for breakfast. Awesome.


workout mommy said...

oh, I remember this cereal! My grandpa used to let us eat it when we were visiting and it drove my mom nuts. Now I know why! :)
I'll check out the recipe, thanks!

Vered said...

I often eat cookies for breakfast... it just goes so well with my coffee.

I've also been known to allow my kids homemade baked goods b/c "there's nothing bad in them". I guess I share your mom's memory issues with regards to sugar. :)

Jenn said...

i've seen in recipes "egg substitute" (not this one - but i'd like to make these without the egg or animal milk). i've read applesauce can be used instead of egg, but not sure how much applesauce = how much egg. any ideas on egg substitutes?

Michelle said...

That's interesting. I have used applesauce instead of oil but never egg in a recipe. Since the eggs usually binds everything together, I'm not sure what would be an easy substitute in this recipe. However, stay tuned because I have my own version of a completely vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free breakfast cookie coming up!