February 27, 2008

One week of filling your pie-hole

How much money do you spend each week on food? And if instead of eating it you arranged it all on your kitchen table for some crazy photographer, what would it look like? This week at least, my table would show a lot of beets, brussel sprouts, and Oreos.

This series of photos are from Peter Menzel's book Hungry Planet. A nice sampling can be viewed at http://ambersbug.gaia.com/blog/2007/11/what_is_eaten_in_one_week.


Amy Flanagan said...

Holy crap. Wow. I want to eat out of giant bags.
However, I was surprised how much soda and stuff other developed countries consume.

Max said...

Peter Menzel does some neat stuff. He shot a series a few years ago called Material World where he did a similar thing, except it was photos of each family's possesions, everything they owned.

Happy Herbivore! said...

first time I saw that I was amazed - not just by how how much junk was included in the typical "american" diet but what other countries ate (not always the healthiest either).

thanks for sharing that