February 26, 2008

Jersey girl says "Seaweed is better than trash on the beach"

But I never thought of it more highly than that until recently. It's icky!

Sea vegetables, like vegetables grown on land, are chock full of goodness. Sounds kinda gross at first, but of course one meal that relies on seaweed is the nori used to wrap sushi rolls. And that's not too gross, right? However I did have a roommate that would eat nori straight, like instead of chips. Little green flakes would end up everywhere. The bathroom sink would sometimes have a rehydrated, slimy piece floating in the drain.

Try not to do that. Instead, add a piece of kombu with dried beans when you soak them overnight. The beans will absorb minerals and you can throw out the kombu before cooking. It will lend a slightly salty flavor and supposedly make the beans more digestible. Or, shred nori into tiny pieces and use as a salty/savory condiment.

Whatever you do, don't gross out your roommate or they'll end up writing weird blog posts about you later in life.

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