November 14, 2007

Sobbing endosperms

Now I know why my mom always wanted me to eat brown rice instead of white. It's the difference between a whole and refined grain. Or maybe she just got it on sale, but in any case, I'm saving you some precious Google time here, people.

Each whole grain has three parts:
1. Outer bran--lots of fiber, vitamins, most of the grain's minerals, and phytochemicals (you'll have to google that yourself)
2. Endosperm--complex carbs, protein, a few B vitamins
3. Germ--lots vitamins, some minerals, healthy fats, phytochemicals and antioxidants

A refined grain is a whole grain stripped of its outer bran and germ. A naked endosperm is all that remains. And it's cold and sad, and no one wants that.

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