November 15, 2008

Hooray for Wall Street!

I feel like I hear a lot of complaints about how expensive it is to eat healthy. My friend goes to the Market Basket for 0.99/lb. meat and can't see a reason to switch to Whole Foods and pay more. (And god forbid, not eat meat.) This outlook can only be reinforced by a troubled economy, right? And as our purse strings get tighter, we're bound to eat less healthy because we can't afford better food? This is like, the last thing America's health crisis needs right now.

Happily, this story in the NY Times actually speaks to the opposite affect of the economy. Layoffs means that some people will have more time to take care of their families and cook homemade meals. And people will be forced to cut back on things like processed foods, alcohol and cigarettes.

The bad economy can be a harbinger of health! Hooray! Maybe this economic disaster is exactly what we need.


Jenn said...

Very true!

I love that photo by the way. Those pots are gorgeous!

Amy Flanagan said...

Who took the picture? I counted everyone's hands.

Michelle said...

Ha! The picture is linked from the NY Times article. Can't take credit for the pots or the hands.