October 21, 2008

A normal soup

So I bought two soups at Shaw's thinking they would be normal. Turns out there’s tofu and gross stuff in them. I’m going to try and eat one, but whoever wants the other one can have it. Come by 2261D and pick it up.

I received this mass email at my office and just cracked up. I hope the poor dear didn't die from all that tofu, or the gross stuff! I wonder what exactly the gross stuff was...beans, maybe? Green vegetables? Horrors! Next time he'll go get pizza at the food court like a good eater of the Standard American Diet. So SAD.

It was a good reminder that most people think what I eat is insane, and spreading the word about healthy eating is...tricky.


Ricki said...

That is a riot! Traumatized by tofu. . .the possibilities are endless. . . . ;)

Jenn said...

It's so true! Since I've been in the blogging world, I've forgotten how most people view the foods we all normally eat and love. I was out to lunch with some new coworkers the other day and they all stared at me when I ordered tofu. I was like "whaaaa? Is this weird?" Apparently so. lol.

amandalouden said...

thats funny!

Alexandra said...

hahaha!! this totally cracked me up! sigh...people just don't seem to understand how good healthy food can be if it's cooked well...lol...tofu and gross stuff..