October 03, 2008

Cutting through the blah blah blah of yoga

Don't let the covers fool you. These are the most down-to-earth books about yoga that I've ever come across. Books about yoga and meditation usually bore me to tears. But these are incredibly inspiring – in part because you can actually read them, more like a novel than a text book.

So a cool thing happened while I was at Kripalu: I saw the author, Stephen Cope, walking down the hall! I was (weirdly) a teensy bit starstruck. That's how much I love these books. If you have even the tiniest interest in the yogic perspective you gotta check these out. I'd offer to sell you my copy used, but I'm going to hang onto it to reread instead :-)

Yoga and the Quest for the True Self
The Wisdom of Yoga


Lori said...

Thanks for sharing the books. I've recently fallen in love with mind/body classes. The one I take now is a combo of yoga, pilates and tai chi. It is so great! I want to expand my knowledge of yoga and these books will help.

Gordon said...

Tell you what, I got both of those books when I first started getting into yoga and I loved them. I still have them and I will be reading them again soon.