September 11, 2008

Funny poses early in the morn'

Last weekend Max and I were discussing how little time we have for the things we'd like to do during the week. I seriously do not know how you people with kids do it. We barely have time to remember to scoop the cat box.

Anyway, instead of trying to find time for yoga classes and going to the gym, we decided to try a traditional Mysore style Ashtanga practice. Together. At home. In the mornings before work. I know, I know, I didn't think this would work but so far we're doing great motivating each other to get out of bed an hour early! We're doing a set routine called The Primary Series (which sounds simple like primary colors, but the name is deceiving!) It is meant to be a morning self-practice, though I used to take Ashtanga classes in the evenings. Even though I'm familiar with the poses, I don't know the sequence by heart (sue me) so we've been using this nifty chart.

All I know is that Ashtanga yoga is the kind that really kicks your butt. People always want to know if yoga is a "workout", and often I'd say the answer is not really. But Ashtanga...YES. For Max, he's best working on the standing poses only. For me, if I have enough time I move on to the seated poses, especially working on jump-backs and jump-throughs because my butt gets a good workout that way (see video below – take that, cellulite!) And for both of us, watching the sun rise and getting a good sweat on in the mornings feels pretty good.

If this doesn't work out, it's back to lugging our workout clothes around on the subway!


Jenn said...

Those moves are IMPRESSIVE. (Jaw still hanging open. lol.)

zandria said...

That's very cool that you and your man are practicing yoga together in the mornings. It must help with the motivation when someone else is doing it, too.

(Crazy video! I'm sure I couldn't jump through my arms like that.)

Michelle said...

I can't jump through my arms like that either...but I'm trying! We actually just got a David Swenson DVD to help 'lead' us in the mornings. It takes some pressure off remembering the sequence :-)