August 09, 2008

More juicing, less ironing

My tablecloth was so wrinkled in this photo I had to do some quick retouching because I was too embarrassed to leave it as is. Still not perfect, oh well. Apparently I'd rather photoshop than actually iron...yes, that's true.

Anyway, we got some awesome wedding gifts. No kidding, it's way better than all the last 10 Christmases combined. Among the bunch is a Breville juicer from my Poppee. I don't think Poppee even knows what a juicer is or why I'd possibly want one, but bless him for choosing it off the registry. We've already made some orange juice with great success so today I found a recipe to take juicing a step further. This apple/parsley mixture was refreshing and delicious, my only regret that green apples are not exactly in season right now. I just did a little research about parsley though, and turns out it is pretty jam packed with vitamins A, C and K. The only thing is if you have problems with gallbladder or kidney stones you might want to skip parsley and other greens with oxalic acid.

Green Apple and Parsley Drink
from Living on Live Food
4 green apples
1/2 bunch parsley

Put it through a juicer and serve on ice.


lifeinrecipes said...

Use all of your new gifts in long and happy matrimonial health.

I have the Breville and am very pleased with its performance.

Justin Fox Burks and The Wife said...

woah! that looks refreshing. We have a bit of a reprieve from the heat here, but we had two weeks of 95+. I could have used an apple & parsley drink, though I might have spiked it. I would love to see a watermelon & lime. yummy!

Vered said...

A apple/parsley mixture sounds really good - and healthy!

LOL @ preferring choosing photoshopping over ironing. I can relate!

divamentors said...

mmmm Michelle This really LOOKS delicious! Sometimes they aren't as visually appealing! I haven't tried apple /parsley yet so tomorrow when I go to the market I'll pick up a bunch if they have it fresh. (I bet it would be yummy with a couple of mint leaves too! ;-)

Thanks for dropping by and sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI for anyone on warfarin/coumadin - stay away from the parsley - too much vitamin K!

Ingrid said...

I've juiced apple and parsley, it is delicious. This morning I juiced carrot, apple and celery combo. Yum!

dancilhoney said...

I have been trying to decide which juicer to get so I will check out the Breville - I have very little counter space.
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