July 29, 2008

What a bride eats

In short, whatever she wants. That's pretty much all I have to say in way of defense of the last few weeks. I haven't had any time to post to this blog but it doesn't much matter because all I've been eating is crap. There isn't much to say except that it will all be over soon – the wedding is this weekend! What I've learned is that a big disruption in routine can really put a cramp in a healthy lifestyle.

Since I grew up Catholic I know the value of a good confession. Here goes:
In the past two weeks I've consumed at least two bags of Terra chips, three dark chocolate bars, one bag of oatmeal cookies, lots of Oreos, an eggplant parmesan dinner, pizza, pizza, pizza, and waffle fries.

One big shout out goes to UpStairs on the Square, the location of our ceremony and reception. They've been more than accommodating and our meal selection will include a completely delicious stone-fruit salad, vegan risotto entree option, and vegan chocolate chip cookies as part of the dessert table. It will be a reintroduction to this type of goodness, which I definitely need.

Happy to say that as soon as I'm back on a normal schedule, I'll have a brand new 14 cup Cuisinart to blend up some homemade sprouted hummus or maybe a nice nut butter! And...a husband to share it with.


Jenn said...

Hey, we can't be perfect all the time, and once you're no longer planning a wedding, you'll have TONS of time to eat right and exercise.

Less than a week -- enjoy every minute of your wedding! It goes by fast. :)

Deb said...

Yes, enjoy! Have fun! Relax when you can. I met my husband on the green line, changing to the red line. (Kenmore to Harvard Square)

pinkrobot said...

Sometimes you just have to let yourself have a 'moment.' And if that moment involves eating total crap while you prepare for something extremely important, so be it! Just as long as you're well aware it's happening. Ha ha!
Congrats in advance! Very exciting!

Marisa L. S. said...

I was eating exactly the same way before the wedding. And now I'm so glad it's over and now that we're back from the honeymoon, I can eat right! How did everything go? Congratulations to you guys!