July 02, 2008

Move Your Coffee Table

And make some space to get a little yoga practice going at home. Or at the very least, use this as an excuse to see how much dust has been accumulating under that coffee table.

Yoga Journal has a series of 20ish minute videos available on their site. While I totally advocate practicing with a qualified teacher, home practice is a heck of a lot cheaper for those days you just can't cough up the $$ or get your butt to the studio. Usually I start off following a video but then remember that I can do whatever I want. I usually end up doing whatever poses I can manage around my cat who inevitably comes along and stretches out on my yoga mat. In savasana, he curls up on me and purrs and it's the best.

Yoga Journal videos do not come with cat. Get your own cat.


Jenn said...

Oooooh, free online yoga. Nice.

Try doing yoga with an 8-month old puppy. It's more hysterical than calming, but it's fun. :)

Amy Flanagan said...

Know any cool site like this for Pilates?
I know, you're a Yoga girl, but just thought you might have heard something...

Michelle said...

@amy - I don't actually know much about pilates. I think yoga is secretly at war with pilates for marketshare. but this isn't something we typically discuss between Om's.