December 27, 2007

Stealthy Healthy Holidays

All in favor of traditional holiday fare, raise your hand. Ok, put it down so you can keep scrolling with your mouse. I feel the same way about Christmas dinner, but this year I also felt guilt. Picture it. You've got appetizers full of antibiotic-laden cheese, plates of hormone-pumped poultry, genetically modified vegetables, and sugar cookies poisoning everyone right before your eyes. This is what I feed my LOVED ones?

I found myself walking the spectrum of idiot to zealot, before landing on a compromise to be merry, merry sneaky.

Hence, the organic green beans with orange, dill, and...ground flaxseeds that looked like pepper or sesame seeds or whatever the family wanted to think they were!

My mom's roasted butternut squash with cranberries, onions and...quinoa! It looked like stuffing and no one knew the difference.

And in a leap of faith we tried a quinoa/nut loaf with garden gravy instead of meatloaf. Delicious, satisfying, and perfect with regular mashed potatotes to even the compromise.

This book is full of awesome vegetarian recipes and gets a shout-out for helping us so much this holiday. 3 Bowls : Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Buddhist Monastery


Bhakti Yogi said...

I hear ya as I am about to partake in a second round of all this "traditional" food on New Years eve and day :( I am NOT in favor at all but I am trapped bringing some compromise food too. Good for you for making those great recipes. I am not that inspired to do so but it can only help me from cringing at the butter-cream-fried laden everything on the inlaws' table, including the what could be nice vegetables. Why do I have to deal with bacon in the potato salad too!?
Next more!

Matt said...


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